Insurance Express automates all day todays processes of Motor Surveyors

We know that the job of Motor Surveyors is highly field based and most of the time they needs to travel from one location to another for vehicle inspection. So they have very little time to complete their office works.

Insurance Express help Motor Surveyors to accomplice office work in the most efficient way and in very little time.

Our solution like DataImpEx provides them freedom to work on their reports in Insurance Express offline from anywhere and then send them to your office Insurance Express in just a few clicks. To know more about DataImpEx, watch DataImpEx video on our YouTube Channel:

The Importance of Insurance Express

Insurance Express deals with claim pendency in the most efficient way to avoid missing claims Turnaround Time. Keeps insight track on day today activities like keeping Insured document checklist, shoots important reminders to avoid delay in claims settlement.

It provides complete office automation to Motor Surveyors and saves their huge time and efforts with 100% accuracy rate in calculation and generates best formatted reports as per the IRDA guidelines and Insurer requirement.

Features of Insurance Express

Manage claims TAT with Report Pendency Dashboard

Motor Surveyors can easily assign a TAT to a report and Insurance Express will keep a track on these reports as per its assigned TAT. Insurance Express will keep you informed about these claims pendency at various points.

Report Pendency Dashboard is a powerful tool will provide you a visual presentation of your claims pendency using pie chart with different color codes as per their TAT. Claims can be easily searched based on their TAT.

Checklist with reminder letters

Checklist tool will keep a track on required documents and will let you know about the documents which are not received from the Insured, which are required to process the claim.

Reminder tool will allow you to send reminders to Insured or Insurer in a few clicks. Insurance Express keeps the logs of sent reminders and can be easily retrieved as and when needed.

Transaction & Commercial Browser

These powerful and advanced tools will keep a track on your claims and payment transaction. You can use the in-built powerful search tools available in these browsers to search your claims and bills.

Insurance Express will fasten your day today activities like claim assessment, filing GST returns and bill & payment reconciliation with 100% accuracy.

Import Estimate and generate crucial reports in a click

Insurance Express can import estimates from the PDF, MS Excel and Word files. So you don't have to type the estimate. The Insurance Express imports it into the Assessment sheet for assessment in just a few simple steps.

Insurance Express generates Form 12, claim assessment report, re-inspection report, scrutiny sheet, appraisal form, bill check report etc. as per the guidelines of IRDA and Insurers.

Maintain Master Database

All the repetitive data like Parts rate, Vehicle details, Insurer details, Financial Institutions, Workshop details etc. are automatically kept in the Master database by Insurance Express so you don't have to type them again.


PicsExpress is an exclusive solution used for the generation of Photosheets in various layouts.

With PicsExpress you can do marking on photosheets and print different dates on each photograph of photosheets. It allows to set 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 photos on 1 page of photosheets with or without damages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Insurance Express and what is its purpose?
Insurance Express is desktop based Windows application of Motor Surveyors which automated reports and billing processes.
2Who can use Insurance Express?
Insurance Express can be used by Motor Surveyors.
3Is the Insurance Express Free?
No, it is a paid system.
4How do we get Insurance Express?
You can contact to our sales team by writing your query in the contact us form.
5Do we need Specific Windows version to use Insurance Express?
No, Insurance Express is compatible with all Windows version from Windows 7 to Windows 11.
6Who can do Billing in Insurance Express?
Insurance Express support billing for all types for survey like Misc., Marine, Engineering & Fire etc.
7Can I file GST return from Insurance Express?
Insurance Express generate GSTR-1 on a single click and this GSTR-1 can be exported to MS Excel.
8What other reports can be generate from Insurance Express apart from Final, Spot and Reinspection reports?
Insurance Express generate all supporting report like Appraisal Form, Bill Scrutiny Sheet, Bill Check Report, Settlement Sheet, Motor Analysis Sheet etc. on a single click. No extra effort or data entry is required to generate these reports.
9How do we get familiar with Insurance Express?
You can avail free online demo of Insurance Express in which we configure Insurance Express on your system and explain each and every functionality of the Insurance Express and you can generate limited reports in it to have a real experience of it.
10How do we manage Photos in Insurance Express?
Insurance Express is bundled with powerful Photo Management tool called PicsExpress. PicsExpress allows you to generate photosheets with 2, 3, 4 , 6 and 8 photos on a single sheet.
11Can we write damage and do marking on Photosheets?
Yes, you can do that in PicsExpress.
12Is DataImpEx Bundled with Insurance Express?
No, you need to procure DataImpEx independently based on your requirements.
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