MOVAL - AI based online platform for Motor Survey 

Proposed Moval platform will have below mentioned capabilities

  1. Can dynamically creates SOPs for the Survey and assign them to a claim.
  2. As per the assigned SOPs the no. of photographs and documents can be clicked from the Moval Mobile App during Survey.
  3. Mobile App user can also take additional photographs of the Vehicle and documents.
  4. In the Moval Web App Admin and Sub Admin panels the AI Module with processed the clicked images as per the below procedures.
    1. Image acquisition: The AI module will be able to acquire images of the damaged vehicle from the Moval Mobile App.
    2. Object detection: The AI module will be able to detect and segment the damaged areas of the vehicle in the image using object detection algorithms. This could involve deep learning models.
    3. Damage classification: The system should be able to classify the detected damage according to its severity and type. This could involve using image processing techniques such as edge detection, texture analysis, and machine learning algorithms.
    4. Loss estimation: The system should be able to estimate the cost of repair or replacement for each damaged component of the vehicle. This could involve using industry-standard databases of part prices and labour costs.
  5. Motor Survey link can be sent through SMS and mail for the capturing of the Vehicle Images and documents.
  6. Your office staff can do the quick assessment of the loss based on the AI based damaged parts and labour rate assessment and send the Work Approval sheet PDF copy through mail to the Workshop in a single click.
  7. Moval Mobile App Allows your field executive to take Reinspection and under repair images of the respective claim.
  8. Based on the entered data Moval Web App allows your office staff to generate Final assessment report in the most efficient way.
  9. After the Approval from the Moval Web App the Final Assessment reports are available to your Insurer with your Professional fee bills.
  10. There will be an additional user or Module for your tele callers having view only privilege.
  11. It will also allow you to create Multiple users for the Insurers having different privileges.
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