CARS is an integrated digital platform comprising a web app and mobile application that enable chartered engineers to generate consignments evaluation reports, manage their office staff and produce consignment valuation reports in PDF format. CARS platform integrated Mobile App allows admins to perform all admin jobs like reviewing reports generated by their office staff, approving them, and answering custom department queries on sent reports.

The Importance of CARS

To beating generating wrong and inconsistent reports cost shipment evaluation companies more time and effort to re-evaluate and generate correct and consistent reports, which will negatively affect the workflow of the exporter or importer as well. Therefore, our developer team has developed a Consignment Appraisal and Reporting System (CARS) that facilitates the work of chartered engineers to provide the market value of the consignment. Based on that, the customs will determine customs duties for consignments with high credibility as quickly as possible.

Features of CARS

CARS integrated Mobile App has high clarity and transparency

as it tracks the work of office staff in real-time for their work so there are no chances of errors or tampering in the generated evaluation reports.

All reports generated on the CARS platform

are automatically saved for easy access and reference when needed, while generating a report as soon as the user entered a Machine and its model the CARS platform displays the report numbers of all the reports with similar Machine description and Model from the saved reports so the user can open any of the displayed reports for the reference from them.

The CARS platform is highly reliable

as any office staff can send reports only after the admin reviews and approves the reports by the admin to ensure consistency and correctness of the report.

In the CARS platform, just a single location can input the master report data

such as Port name, Importer name, CHA name and Remarks & Disclaimers entered, there is no need to write them again, which contributes to the speed of issuing reports and the correctness of the information contained therein. As that writing Remarks and Disclaimers, again and again, waste a lot of time and increase the chances of typographical errors.

CARS platform is the most secure control platform

in which the admin has full control of the accessibility of the platform by its office staff. Admin can block or unblock with a single click any of the office staff in case found manipulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who can use CARS platform?
The CARS platform is developed for companies that have chartered engineers who check the consignments when they arrive at dry or seaport to determine their current market value for custom duties purposes.
2Does the CARS platform need specialized systems and devices?
The CARS integrated mobile App is available for both Android and IOS. The CARS online platform is compatible with all existing Web browsers.
3How do you get the CARS platform?
You can buy it directly from the home page of the CARS product Here. Or contact our sales team to send your queries
4Can the customs department communicate and inquire through the CARS platform?
Custom department officials can send a query on any of the reports to the CARS platform just by scanning the respective QR Code available on the report from their Mobile phone. The raised query will be displayed to all the office staff, including the admin, so any of them can resolve the query by providing relevant information and marking it as closed.
5Are the reports generated from the CARS platform approved by Indian Customs?
Yes, because the CARS platform is directed to only chartered engineers who must be a member of the Institution of Engineers (India) and must have an experience of over 5 years in the field, and the reports don't submit except after approving them by admins according to pre-defined criteria. So, the report formats of the CARS platform follow all the guidelines and are already accepted at most of the Indian Customs offices.
6How to enter machine details?
You can feed them manually or Multiple machine details can be imported to a report directly from the Excel sheet.
7Does the CARS platform keep the previously generated reports for reference when needed?
Yes, the CARS platform can keep the previous reports for reference for the end user when needed. If data is entered for a machine matching the data of previous reports, the CARS platform displays all the reports matching the data entered and can be opened with one click.
8Is there a technical support team available on the CARS platform in case of any technical problems in the application?
Of course, we have a professional team to handle technical problems that may occur, and we will respond within (2-3) hours.
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